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Table 2 Postoperative and follow-up data

From: Radical surgical resection of advanced thymoma and thymic carcinoma infiltrating the heart or great vessels with cardiopulmonary bypass support

Pt T [20]/UICC Extent of resection/Residual disease Postoperative complications Progress/Recurrence [months] Status/Survivala [months]
1 3/IIIa R0/none Apoplex, respiratory insufficiency, tracheotomy None NED/55
2 4/IIIb R1/aortic arch Pneumonia, respiratory insufficiency, wound healing disorder Thymoma metastasis above left diaphragm, pleural empyema: complete resection (R0), decortication NED/20
3 4/IIIb R2/aortic arch, main pulmonary artery, myocardium Pneumonia, respiratory insufficiency, tracheotomy Mediastinal tumor progress DOD/7
4 3/IIIa R0/none Pneumonia, respiratory insufficiency, tracheotomy None NED/25
5 4/IIIb R0/none Pneumonia, respiratory insufficiency, tracheotomy, gastrointestinal bleeding None NED/8
6 4/IIIb R0/none Pneumonia, respiratory insufficiency, myasthenic crisis None NED/8
  1. UICC Union for International Cancer Control, T T-category, R0 no residual tumor, R1 microscopic residual tumor, R2 macroscopic residual tumor, CT chemotherapy, RT radiotherapy, NED no evidence of disease, DOD dead of disease
  2. aFollow-up: June 2015