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Table 7 Causes of late deaths and adverse events

From: Early and mid-term outcome in terms of functional and hemodynamic performance of the st. Jude regent 19-mm aortic mechanical prosthesis versus 19-mm carpentier edwards aortic biological prosthesis

Variables Nr (%) Reoperation
Late deaths
 Not valve related   
  Cardiac arrest 2 (1 in Group II) No
 Valve related   
  Endocarditis (reoperation) 2 Yes
Stroke   1
Renal 1 No
Cancer 1 Yes
Unknown 1 Yes
Major adverse events   
 Endocarditis 4 (1 in Group II) 2 Yes
 Myocardial ischemia 2 Yes
 Important paravalvular leak 2 (1 in Group II) Yes
 Aortic dissection 1 Yes
 Important mitral valve regurgitation 1 (Group II) Yes
Minor adverse events
aRenal insufficiency requiring hemodialysis 1 No
Reversible ischemic neurologic deficit 3 No
Moderate paravalvular leak 3 No
Gastric hemorrhage 1 Yes
  1. aThe same patients requiring reoperation due to endocarditis