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Table 2 The size and location of postoperative DWI ischemic lesions, preoperative neurologic status and the level of contralateral carotid artery stenosis

From: Previous chronic cerebral infarction is predictive for new cerebral ischemia after carotid endarterectomy

Patients (Names initials) Preoperative symptoms Site of the CEA Pre operative DWI images New ischemic areas on DWI (cm3) Contralateral carotid artery stenosis (%)
ME Asymptomatic Left Normal Left occipital cortical 0.2 cm3 60
NY Asymptomatic Right Normal Right parietooccipital cortical 0.55 + 0.06 + 0.26 cm3 0
HB TIA Left Left frontal chronic ischemia Left frontal cortical 0.026 cm3 20
HD TIA Right Right occipital- right parietal chronic ischemia Right posterior parietal cortical 0.016 + 0.022 cm3 70
MB TIA Right Right parietal chronic ischemia Right frontoparietal 0.011 cm3 0
MA Stroke Right Bilateral parietal chronic ischemia Right frontoparietal 2.88 + 0.034 cm3 70
NG Stroke Left Left occipital chronic ischemia Left occipital 0.04 cm3 0
HE Stroke Right Left occipital chronic İschemia Left parietooccipital 6.48 cm3 100
FB TIA Left Left parietal chronic ischemia Thalamic hemorrhage 0.025 cm3 0
  1. The last case on the list suffered cerebral hemorrhage
  2. CEA Carotid endarterectomy, TIA Transient ischemic attack, DWI Diffusion-weighted MRI