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Table 1 The basic information about the included studies

From: Lymph node micrometastases are associated with disease recurrence and poor survival for early-stage non-small cell lung cancer patients: a meta-analysis

References Definition of tumor-cell positivity Detection method Target gene/antigen Follow-up (months) Outcomes reported stage Multivariate analysis
Median Range
Chun-Dong Gu LNMM IHC CK(AbAE1/A) 44 4 –60 OS I Yes
Kazuhito Dobashi LNMM IHC CK(AbAE1/A) 13.6 1-60 OS pN0 Yes
B. Passlick LNMM IHC CK NR NR OS pN0 Yes
Jakob R. Izbicki, LNMM IHC/FCM Ber-Ep-4 NR 3-40 DFS pN0 Yes
By Toshihiro Osaki LNMM IHC CK(AbAE1/A) 35.8 0.1-90.6 OS I Yes
Kosei Yasumoto LNMM IHC CK2 48.2 1-64 OS/DFS I Yes
Valerie W. Rusch LNMM IHC CK(AE-1) NR 0-60 OS/DFS pN0 Yes
Wang Zhou LNMM RT-PCR MUC1 NR 0-36 OS pN0 Yes
  1. Abbreviations: LMMM lymph node micrometastases, IHC immunohistochemistry, CK cytokeratin, DFS disease- free survival, OS overall survival, NR not reported, RT-PCR Reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction. MUC1, polymorphic epithelial mucin 1