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Table 2 Descriptions of confirmed awareness reported by patients

From: Is hyperlipidemia a potential protective factor against intraoperative awareness in cardiac surgery?

Number Gender and age Surgery Reported events Michigan awareness classification
1 M/67 CABG Formication; perception of central line placement; mild pain Class 3
2 M/73 Bentall procedure Precordial stabs; nausea Class 2D
3 M/64 CABG Operation on the chest Class 2
4 M/30 Repair of aneurysm of aortic sinus, repair of VSD Perception of central line placement Class 2
5 F/53 MVR Placement of nasal thermometer Class 2
6 M/23 Modified Morrow procedure A surgeon making explanations in a Tangshan accent Class 1
7 M/65 Wheat procedure and CABG Dreaming things back in decades ago; lower extremity operation Class 2
8 M/66 CABG Intubation Class 2
9 M/40 Repair of aneurysm of aortic sinus Intubation; operation, electroshock on heart Class 2
10 M/67 CABG Intubation, feeling nausea twice Class 2D
11 M/60 CABG Scalpel incision; voice from doctors Class 2
12 M/60 CABG Intubation; internal jugular vein catheterization Class 2
13 M/65 CABG Sensation of operation on chest and lower limb Class 2
14 M/66 Resection of atrial myxoma, TVP Feelings of bugs-like crawling on the chest Class 2
15 M/38 ASD repair, TVP Sensation of sounds from the respirator Class 1
16 M/56 CABG Heard the surgeons’ talking Class 1
17 F/45 MVR, TVP Heard the sounds of electric scalpel, like “chi, chi” Class 1
18 F/18 ASD repair Intubation; nausea; discomfort on the back Class 2D
19 F/59 MVR, TVP Operation Class 2
20 M/49 CABG Water dripping-like sounds of the machine; sensation of intubation and a severe feeling of nausea Class 2D
21 F/56 CABG Sensation of the operation; severe pain, being unable to move Class 5
22 M/55 Correction of aberrant of pulmonary artery, TVP Sounds of the machine in the operation room Class 1
23 M/34 Replacement of aortic root and ascending aorta Sounds of a scalpel and scissor Class 1
24 F/51 Replacement of ascending aorta Heard the surgeon talking about the electric defibrillations, of which only the third time worked Class 1
25 F/60 MVR, AVR, TVP Heard the surgeon said the operation was well finished; intubation; felt nausea twice Class 2D
26 F/50 MVP Dreaming, cannot afford details; heard the surgeon’s talking; central line placement Class 2
27 M/58 CABG Lower limb operation Class 2
28 M/74 CABG Intubation; felt nausea; sensation of the operation on the chest Class 2D
29 M/62 CABG Operation on chest with burning heat Class 2
30 F/30 Repair of ASD, TVP Sounds like sawing wood Class 1
31 F/31 Repair of ASD, TVP Voice, such as “pass the scalpel to me” Class 1
32 M/43 Modified Morrow procedure Operation on chest; severe pain, wanting for more anesthetics Class 3D
33 M/60 CABG Felt awake for a long time and felt like breathing with effort Class 1D
34 M/52 Bentall procedure Heard “chi-chi” like sounds Class 1
35 M/46 MVR, AVR, TVP Heard the surgeon said the operation will be finished in an hour; heard the “dong-dong” like sounds Class 1
36 M/37 MVR Dreaming of receiving cardiac surgery; sensed the central line placement Class 2
37 F/48 MVR, TVP, and PDA repair Scissors cutting on the chest; mild pain Class 3
38 M/60 CABG Operation on chest and lower limb Class 2
39 M/41 CABG Something dragged down from the chest; unable to move; central line placement Class 4
40 M/59 MVR, CABG “chi-chi” sound Class 1
41 M/34 CABG Dreaming of the lifetime in high school; heard the surgeon said the operation was almost finished Class 1
42 F/58 CABG Heard the surgeon said 5 bypass grafts were done, and the 2 nurses had done a great job Class 1
43 M/40 AVR Intubation; unable to move; afraid Class 4D
44 M/57 CABG Chest stuffy, unable to speak Class 4D
45 M/56 Replacement of descending aorta Intubation; nausea Class 2D
46 M/54 CABG Heard the surgeon said the operation was well done; felt his chest stabbed 4–5 times. Class 2
  1. Abbreviations: CABG coronary artery bypass grafting, MVR mitral valve replacement, AVR aortic valve replacement, TVP tricuspid valvuloplasty, PDA patent ductusarteriosus