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Table 1 Characteristics of patients with hyperthyroidism in whom mediastinal lesions and surgical approach, pathology, clinical outcome

From: Surgical treatment for mediastinal parathyroid adenoma causing primary hyperparathyroidism

Case 1 2 3 4
Age 57 72 74 55
Gender women women women women
Chief complaint nephrolithiasis listlessness listlessness abdominal pain feel nausea
Serum calcium level (mg/dl) 11.1 11.2 13.2 11.9
intact-PTH (pg/dl) 126 353 586 154
Location anterior mediastinum anterior mediastinum anterior mediastinum anterior mediastinum
Surgical approach Total sternotomy Total sternotomy Total sternotomy Partial sternotomy
Pathology adenoma adenoma adenoma hyperplasia
Post operative hyperthyroidism cured cured cured cured