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Table 2 Intra- and postoperative data

From: Transapical aortic valve implantation in patients with pre-existing mitral valve prostheses: a case report

  Patient 1 Patient 2
Skin-to-skin time [min] 63 52
Ventilation time [h] 10 0
ICU-stay [d] 3 1
Total hospital stay [d] 11 14
Aortic regurgitation discharge None None
Paravalvular leakage discharge None None
ΔPmean [mmHg] discharge 10 14
NYHA-class discharge II II
Paravalvular leakage follow up None None
ΔPmean [mmHg] follow up 17 18
Mitral prosthesis dysfunction follow up None None
  1. d days, h hours, ICU intensive care unit, NYHA New York Heart Association, ΔP mean mean transaortic pressure gradient