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Table 4 Mean user evaluation scores on the feasibility and efficacy of PuraStat®

From: Feasibility of a novel, synthetic, self-assembling peptide for suture-line haemostasis in cardiac surgery

Surgeons’ Rating of PuraStat® Average score (1–10)
Ease and efficiency of preparation prior to use 10
Easy to dispense from applicator 10
Ease of application to site of bleed 9.7
Application to hard-to-reach surfaces 8.5
Conformation to irregular surfaces 8.3
Ease of removal of excess PuraStat® from field 8.9
Concomitant use with other haemostatic agents 9.4
Valuable in reducing haemostasis time? 7.5
Potential in reduction of operating time? 7.3
PuraStat® alone enough to achieve haemostasis? YES = 84%
  No = 16%
Other products used concomitantly None = 84%
  Fibrillar® = 8%
  BioGlue + Floseal = 6%
  BioGlue = 2%