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Table 1 Published cases of left cervical aortic arch Haughton type D with aneurysm and/or coarctation: LCA (left carotid artery), LAA (left axillary artery), CPB (cardiopulmonary bypass)

From: Anomaly of Haughton type D left cervical aortic arch in combination with type B dissection: case report and literature review

Publication Gender/Age Symptoms Aneurysm/Kinking Procedure Outcome
Baravelli (2005) [9] F/38 Dyspnea, Murmur K
  M/18 Murmur K
Barbee (2007) [33] M/32 Chest pain A + K 2-step: endovascular axillary-to-axillary bypass 6-month FU
Camiel (1982) [19] F/51 Incidental finding on x-ray A
Cao (1980) [5] F/21 Dissecting aneurysm, emergency A Dacron prosthesis between LCA and LAA 10th postoperative day
Charrot (2009) [10] F/48 Progredient pulsatile cervical mass A Aneurysm resection, direct anastomosis, LAA reimplantation with graft, CPB 11-month FU
Chen (2002) [11] F/25 Chest dyscomfort K conservatively
  F/14 Palpable cervical thrill A Dacron prosthesis, LAA reimplantation with graft 3-month-FU
Chen (2009) [23] F/7 Recurrent pneumonia, dyspnea no Operative treatment, Ligamentum arteriosum and right abberant AA, vascular ring
Deffrenne (1968) [34] No symptoms
  No symptoms
DuBrow (1974) [24] M/23 Shortness of breath, dizziness K Ligation of LAA, Dacron prosthesis, CPB
Farsak (1998) [25] F/24 headache, tinnitus and numbness in left upper limb, dysphagia A Prosthesis, LAA reimplantation with graft 6-month FU
Higuchi (2003) [12] F/16 Pulsating cervical mass A Prosthesis, LAA reimplantation with graft, CPB 4-year-FU
Hirao (1999) [20] M/59 Incidental finding A Aneurysm resection, Gelwave Bypass, LAA reimplantation direct
Hoshino (1982) [37] F/24 ? A Artificial graft replacement, temporary bypass
Ikonomidis (1999) [6] M/23 Left hematothorax, emergency A + K Dacron prosthesis, CPB 12th postoperative day
Imai (2000) [13] M/48 Headache, Murmur A + K Dacron prosthesis
Ito (2014) [26] F/57 hoarseness and dysphagia A + K Prosthesis, LAA reimplantation 28th postoperative day
Kame (1982) [40] F/39 Rupture, emergency A
Kaul (2013) [31] M/56 transient loss of consciousness A Prosthesis, LAA ligation 4-year-FU
Kazuno (1988) [38] M/56 ? A Exclusion, extraanatomic bypass
Khoury (2008) [32] M/53 interscapular pain A + K
Kumar (1989) [35] F/37 ? A
Lorusso (2006) [14] F/40 neck pulsation during physical activity no conservatively
McCue (1973) [15] F/11 Pulsating mass in the neck
Mitsumori (2008) [21] F/38 Incidental finding A Prosthesis, LAA and LCA reimplantation 32-month FU
Moncada (1974) [2] −/1 Dyspnea, Dysphagia
  −/2 Cyanosis, Clubbing of digits
Montgomery (1981) [16] M/23 Pulsating mass, hoarseness A Prosthesis
Morris (1978) [27] F/36 Dysphagia A conservatively
Noguchi (2003) [4] M/59 transient ischemic attack. A Prosthesis Dacron, reimplantation LAA, CPB Stroke with incomplete right homonymous hemianopia 36th postoperative day
Ogawa (2002) [28] F/41 Dysphagia A + K Operation
Ogawa (1994) [39] F/30 ? A End-to-end anastomosis
Pearson (1997) [8] F/11 Dyspnea A Prosthesis, CPB 6-month FU
  F/6 Hemiparesis, pulsating mass A Prosthesis 8-year FU
Pitzus (1974) [36] F/39 ? A ?
Takahashi (2011) [29] M/59 inspiratory obstruction A Trifurcated Graft, CPB 12-month FU
Tsukamoto (2003) [22] M/58 Incidental finding A conservatively
Türkvatan (2009) [17] F/27 pulsatile mass A Bypass LCA-Aorta
Van Nooten (1986) [30] F/17 Dyspnea A Dacron Graft, LAA ligation 10th postoperative day
Wei (1983) [7] F/22 ? A + K Artificial graft replacement
Yigitbasi (1971) [18] F/22 Pulsatile mass A
Zientara (2014) [3] F/33 Back pain A Prosthesis, reimplantation LAA, CPB 3-month FU