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Table 5 Subject Enrollment according to Investigational Site (n = 10)

From: Early hemodynamic performance of the Trifecta™ surgical bioprosthesis aortic valve in Indian patient population: 12 month outcomes of the EVEREST post-market study

Investigational site Principal Investigator Subject Enrollment
Star Hospital Mannam, Gopichand 26
Yashoda Hospital Gokhale, Alla Gopala 14
Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre Mishra, Yugal 13
The Madras Medical Mission Sethuratnam, Rajan 12
SAL Hospital Modi, Rajan 11
P D Hinduja Hospital and Medical Research Center Pandey, Kaushal 10
Max Super Specialty Hospital Malhotra, Rajneesh 5
Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals Mukhopadhyay, Sushan 4
Care Institute of Medical Sciences Shah, Dhiren 4
Fortis Hospital Mahant, Tek Singh 1
Total 100