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Fig. 1 | Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery

Fig. 1

From: Serological cytokine profiles of cardiac rejection and lung infection after heart transplantation in rats

Fig. 1

Study design and animal grouping. All recipient animals received daily cyclosporine A (CSA) subcutaneous injection to suppress rejection on post-operative day (POD) 0. On POD 6, recipient animals were randomized to either have their CSA continued, or have their CSA discontinued and began on a normal saline placebo injection (rejection group, n = 5). On POD 13, non-rejection animals were further randomized to either receiving intratracheal inoculation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa (infection group, n = 7), or receiving intratracheal inoculation of normal saline (control group, n = 5)

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