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Table 1 Basic character of three patients

From: An alternative solution for patient with high risk of coronary obstruction underwent TAVI procedure using a novel second-generation device – a case series

Patient Log-Euroscore I(%) Aortic Valve Calcification LCH RCH Aortic Sinus Annular size Valve Size
No1 77y Female 21% Severe AS Moderate 7.8 mm 7.8 mm 27 mm 24 mm 25 mm
No2 76y Female 20% Severe AS Severe 8.9 mm 9.5 mm 29 mm 25 mm 25 mm
No3 75y Female 22% Severe AS Bulky 8.2 mm 7.9 mm 27 mm 24 mm 25 mm
  1. LCH Left coronary ostium height, RCH Right coronary ostium height