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Table 4 Details of surgery-related events

From: A retrospective analysis of 62,571 cases of perioperative adverse events in thoracic surgery at a tertiary care teaching hospital in a developing country

Categories n Clinical manifestation Treatment Outcome
Cardiac arrest 43 32 ventricular fibrillations and 11 ventricular stand-stills on ECG Cardiopulmonary resuscitation Survival
Massive haemorrhage 33 Haemorrhagic shock
27 in the operating room
6 in the PACU
Exploratory thoracotomy and bleeding cessation
Anti-shock treatment
9 deaths
24 survivals
Tension pneumothorax 6 Contralateral tension pneumothorax Closed thoracic drainage Survival
Falling tumour thrombus 1 Atrium episporium tumour thrombus falling off Cardiopulmonary resuscitation Death
  1. Cardiac arrests were diagnosed by: (1)ECG, ventricular fibrillation or ventricular stand-still; and (2) invasive arterial blood pressure, no IBP wave