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Table 5 Details of P&S&A Events

From: A retrospective analysis of 62,571 cases of perioperative adverse events in thoracic surgery at a tertiary care teaching hospital in a developing country

Categories n Clinical manifestation Treatment Outcome
Cardiac arrest 6 Cardiac arrest secondary to operation-induced arrhythmia, pulmonary infarction or mediastinal shift CPR 1 death
5 survivals
Hypoxemia 3 Dyspnoea and convulsions during tracheotomy for a patient with tracheal stenosis after thyroid cancer chemotherapy Emergency cardiopulmonary bypass Survival
Worsening arrhythmia 2 Bradycardia and AVB I progressing to AVB III upon entering the operating room Operation cancelled Pacemaker implanted Survival
Re-expansion of pulmonary oedema 3 Onset of right-side pulmonary oedema in the PACU after VATS of the right pneumothorax, chest X-ray confirmed Re-intubation with a double-lumen tube and ventilation with PEEP for 1 day Survival
Airway injury 2 Membranous tracheal injury 24 cm from the incisors and mediastinal emphysema during an oesophagectomy Tracheal tube maintained at 26 cm from the incisors; extubation 5 days later Survival
  1. AVB atrioventricular block, PACU post-anaesthesia care unit, VATS video-assisted thoracic surgery