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Table 1 Patient Demographic Information

From: Analysis of the advantages of 3D printing in the surgical treatment of multiple rib fractures: 5 cases report

Case Gender Age Cause of injury The condition of rib fractures Associated injury Operative time of trauma
Haemothorax Pneumothorax Pulmonary complications Extrathoracic injury
1 Male 61 Extrusion Left side 1–6 rib fractures, 3, 4 anterior multiple fractures Yes Yes Pulmonary contusion No 3
2 Male 57 Fall Left side 2–12 rib fractures, 4, 5 costal cartilage, and 6 rib anterior costal arch fracture No No Pulmonary contusion Subarachnoid hemorrhage 8
3 Female 64 traffic accident The left side is 2–11, where 2–6 contains the costal cartilage multiple fractures involving the costal arch Yes No Yes No 5
4 Male 54 traffic accident Left side 3–6 anterior multiple fractures involving the cartilage Yes Yes Yes Clavicular fracture 4
5 Male 56 traffic accident Right side 2–6 anterior multiple fractures, 5–10 lateral posterior ribs Yes No Yes Clavicular fracture, Subarachnoid hemorrhage 7