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Table 2 Cause of death after transplantation between ex vivo lung perfusion (EVLP) lung transplantations (LTX) and conventional LTx

From: Ten year follow-up of lung transplantations using initially rejected donor lungs after reconditioning using ex vivo lung perfusion

  EVLP-LTx (n = 6) Conventional-LTx (n = 15) p-value
Cause of death    0.406
Total number of deaths 3 6  
Death from Organ Rejection 2 (66.66%) 2 (33.33%)  
Death from Infection 0 (0.00%) 2 (33.33%)  
Death from Malignancy 0 (0.00%) 1 (16.66%)  
Death from Miscellaneous 1 (33.33%) 1 (16.66%)  
  1. The group “Death from Miscellaneous” includes patients with mortality caused by myocardial and cerebral ischaemia, multiple organ failure such as renal and liver failure, as well as other causes related to the patient’s age and individual health status