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Table 1 The preoperative baseline characteristics of the patients

From: Comparison of modified MAZE with minimally invasive monopolar ablation and traditional bipolar radiofrequency ablation in the treatment of atrial fibrillation

 mi-MAZEf(n = 42)os-MAZEg(n = 65)P value
Gender, F/M (%)24/18(57.1/42.9)46/19(70.8/29.2)0.148a
Age, mean ± SD56.8 ± 11.2959.5 ± 10.040.201b
Functional capacity, n (%)  0.597c
 NYHA class I0(0)0(0)NA
 NYHA class II29(69.0)38(58.5)0.269a
 NYHA class III7(16.7)15(23.1)0.423a
 NYHA class IV6(14.3)12(18.4)0.573a
Type of atrial fibrillation
 persistent, n (%)37(88.1)58(89.2)1.000d
 paroxysmal, n (%)5(11.9)7(10.8)1.000d
 permanent, n (%)00NA
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, n (%)0(0)1(1.5)1.000e
Hypertension, n (%)16(38.1)21(32.3)0.539a
Palpitations, n (%)25(59.5)28(43.1)0.097a
Type II diabete mellitus, n (%)5(11.9)14(21.5)0.203a
pulmonary artery hypertension8(19.0)22(33.8)0.096a
Preoperative cardiac ultrasonography, mean ± SD
 LAD(mm)50.0 ± 6.0948.1 ± 8.300.736c
 LVDs(mm)35.2 ± 5.4231.9 ± 6.190.001c
 LVDd(mm)51.4 ± 6.9049.1 ± 7.530.126b
 LVEF(%)59.3 ± 4.6264.1 ± 8.130.001b
Surgical procedures, n (%)
 mitral vale replacement29(69.0)57(87.7)0.018a
 mitral valve plasty13(31.0)8(12.3)0.018a
Euroscore, mean ± SD4.33 ± 1.854.61 ± 2.050.867c
  1. Abbreviations: LAD Left atrial diameter, LVDd Left ventricular diastolic diameter, LVDs Left ventricular systolic diameter, LVEF Left ventricular ejection fraction, NYHA New York Heart Association
  2. aPearson’s test
  3. bStudent T test
  4. cKolmogorov-Smirnov test
  5. dContinuous correction test
  6. eFisher’s exact test
  7. f The modified minimally invasive MAZE with monopolar radiofrequency ablation group
  8. g The open surgery MAZE with traditional bipolar radiofrequency ablation group