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Table 1 Patients characteristics

From: Dual antiplatelet therapy up to the time of non-elective coronary artery bypass grafting with prophylactic platelet transfusion: is it safe?

VariableControl group (n = 114)Clopidogrel group (n = 126)P-value
Patients characteristics
 Sex, male86(75.4)114(86.5).028a
 Body weight77.5(68–84)79(69–85).874b
 Dyslipidemic45(39.5)33(26. 6).028a
 Smoker85(74. 6)86(68.3).281a
 Hypertensive73(64.0)72(57. 6).276a
 Renal dysfunction13(11.4)3(2.4).005a
 Ejection Fraction59(50–63)55.5(45–63).368b
  1. aχ2 test, n (%)
  2. bMann-Whitney independent samples, median + interquartile range