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Table 3 Results

From: Dual antiplatelet therapy up to the time of non-elective coronary artery bypass grafting with prophylactic platelet transfusion: is it safe?

VariableControl group (n = 114)Clopidogrel group (n = 126)P-value
 DRAIN/24 h in cc220(160–313)240(180–310).476b
 Blood group
 Platelets per Op0(0–0)8(8-8).001b
 UPC per OP0(0–0)0(0–0).005b
 FFP per Op0(0–0)0(0–0).087b
 UPC post Op0(0–1)0(0–0).248b
 FFP post Op0(0–0)0(0–0).575 b
 UPC total0(0–1)0(0–0).014b
 FFP total00(0–0)0(0–0).470b
 Hemoglobin D1 post Op11.4(10-12)11.4(11-12).755b
 Hemoglobin D4 post Op10.856(10-12)10.5(10-11).367b
 Hematocrit D0 post Op40.45(37–43)41.00(38–44).041b
 Hematocrit D1 post Op33.4(3 1-37)34.05(32–37).980b
 Hematocrit D4 post Op32.234(30–34)31.4(30–34).410b
 Platelets D0 post Op234(184–277)245.5(203–296).083b
 Platelets D4 post Op220(180–257)254(210–321).001b
 Length ICU/CSU stay(d)1.00(1-1)1(1–1).098b
 Total hospital stay(d)5(5-6)6(6–7).001b
 Creatinine baseline0.915(1-1)0.87(1-1).106b
Creatinine dc1.055(1-1)1.055(1-1).791b
  1. Op Operation
  2. D Day
  3. UPC Unit packet cells
  4. FFP Fresh frozen plasma
  5. aχ2 test, n (%)
  6. bMann-Whitney independent samples, median + interquartile range