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Table 1 Patient Characteristics

From: Recurrent mitral regurgitation after mitral valve repair for bileaflet lesions in the modern era

CovariateMean ± SD or No. (%)
 Age, years67 ± 12
 Female sex19 (34)
 Preoperative LVEF ≤0.452 (4)
Mitral valve pathologya
 Prolapse ≥2 anterior leaflet scallops22 (39)
 Prolapse ≥2 posterior leaflet scallops30 (54)
Mitral repair procedures
 Future Annuloplasty bandb8 (14)
 Duran Ancoreb1 (2)
 Profile 3Db2 (4)
 Carpentier-Edwards physio ring IIc42 (75)
 Cosgrove annuloplastyc2 (4)
Posterior leaflet resection
 Triangular15 (27)
 Quadrangular with sliding plasty12 (21)
Artificial neochordae52 (93)
Leaflet plication7 (13)
Concomitant procedures
 Aortic valve replacement2 (4)
 Coronary artery bypass grafting6 (11)
 Maze procedure25 (45)
 Tricuspid ring annuloplasty28 (50)
  1. aBased on surgical assessment of the valve leaflets. bMedtronic, Minneapolis, MN. cEdwards Lifesciences, Irvine, CA. LVEF left ventricle ejection fraction