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Table 3 Reoperation for recurrent severe mitral regurgitation after mitral valve repair

From: Recurrent mitral regurgitation after mitral valve repair for bileaflet lesions in the modern era

No.Age/sexRepair technique at initial repairRedo-operative findingsRedo-operative procedures
170/MArtificial neochordae of A2–3Elongation of artificial neochordae of A2–3.Re-repair with artificial neochordae of A2–3.
477/FArtificial neochordae of A2 + P2Elongation of artificial neochordae to P2, PML thickening.Re-replacement with bioprosthesis.
969/MTriangular resection + Artificial neochordae of A1, Commissural plication of ACA1 prolapse, P1 tethering.Re-repair with commissural plication of AC.
  1. AC anterolateral commissure, PML posterior mitral leaflet