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Table 4 Multivariable analysis to assess the independent impact of cIMT group on stroke in patients with ATAAD

From: The use of cIMT as a predictor of postoperative stroke in patients undergoing surgical repair of acute type a aortic dissection

VariableModel I
OR (95% CI)
P-valueModel II
OR (95% CI)
cIMT (mm) > 0.95.78 (1.14–29.35)0.0349.53 (1.47–61.72)0.018
  1. Abbreviations: cIMT carotid intima–media thickness, ATAAD acute type A aortic dissection, OR odd ratio, 95% CI 95% confidence interval
  2. Model I: unadjusted
  3. Model II: adjusted for male, BMI, Marfan syndrome, hydropericardium, preoperative white blood cell count, coronary artery involvement, circulatory arrest time