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Table 3 Long-term mortality based on subgroups of patients with different albumin levels 24 h after cardiac surgery including all patients (A) and only with hospital survivors (B)

From: The influence of postoperative albumin levels on the outcome of cardiac surgery

AIn-hospital survival1-year survival3-year survival5-year survival
 Normal Levels (≥35 g·L−1)98.1%98.1%96.5%94.3%
 Low deficit (30–34.9 g·L−1)97.3%94.2%89.2%87.4%
 Mild deficit (25–29.9 g·L−1)95%91.5%86.1%83.1%
 Severe deficit (< 25 g·L−1)85.9%78.3%74.5%72.4%
 Normal Levels (≥35 g·L−1)100%98.9%97.8%96.2%
 Low deficit (30–34.9 g·L−1)100%97.9%94.2%89.9%
 Mild deficit (25–29.9 g·L−1)100%96.8%92.3%87.7%
 Severe deficit (< 25 g·L−1)100%95.1%87.5%84.8%