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Table 4 In-hospital morbidity and mortality

From: Effect of ulinastatin on post-operative blood loss and allogeneic transfusion in patients receiving cardiac surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass: a prospective randomized controlled study with 10-year follow-up

 Ulinastatin group
(n = 142)
Tranexamic acid group
(n = 143)
Placebo group
(n = 141)
Mortality in-hospital10.70%00.00%10.71%0.602
Morbidity in-hospital
 Postoperative MI00.00%10.70%21.42%0.361
 Renal failure00.00%21.40%42.84%0.129
 Respiratory failure10.70%64.20%96.38%0.040
Adverse outcomes in-hospital
 Sudden cardiac arrest00.00%10.70%21.42%0.361
 Readmission to ICU21.41%10.70%32.13%0.594
 Reoperation for surgical cause21.41%10.70%10.71%0.777
 Deep sternal infection10.70%00.00%10.71%0.602