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Table 1 Difficult removal of the Swan-Ganz catheter

From: Difficult removal: a Swan-Ganz catheter coiled on the central venous catheter

CauseTreatment schemeCitation
KnotRetrieval of a knotted Swan-Ganz catheter using an interventional approach.Shang et al., 2016 [2]
Removal of the knotted Swan-Ganz catheter by using transesophageal echocardiography.Yuan et al., 2010 [3]
Attempts to open the knot percutaneously using a radiological approach failed; the knotted catheter was extracted with surgery.Chemchik H et al., 2013 [4]
KinkThe catheter was pushed into the right ventricle, providing more room for the catheter to unfurl and allowing for the removal of the Swan-Ganz catheter.Manoj et al., 2018 [5]
Under direct fluoroscopic guidance, the interventional radiologist uncoiled the catheter by applying slow sustained traction on both the Cordis and Swan-Ganz catheters. Once the coil of the Swan-Ganz catheter approached the end of the Cordis catheter, both catheters were removed successfully simultaneously causing the coil to unwrap.James et al., 2012 [6]