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Table 3 Postoperative complications and mortality

From: Comparisons between minimally invasive and open esophagectomy for esophageal cancer with cervical anastomosis: a retrospective study

VariableOE (n = 53)MIE (n = 87)P-Value
Anastomotic leakage (%)5.66%8.05%0.742
Pulmonary infection (%)20.75%31.03%0.242
Atrial fibrillation (%)16.98%21.84%0.522
Vocal cord paralysis (%)0%3.45%0.282
Regurgitation (%)26.42%29.89%0.702
Chylothorax (%)3.77%1.15%0.562
Intestinal obstruction (%)3.77%1.15%0.562
Diaphragmatic hernia (%)0%0%1.002
Wound infection (%)3.77%0%0.142
In-hospital mortality (%)1.75%1.15%1.002
  1. Scale variables were expressed as median and range, ordinal and nominal parameters as absolute numbers, and percent. 2Chi-square (or Fisher exact) test.