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Table 2 Patient’s Biomarker Levels Before, During cannulationafter ECMO

From: Veno-arterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation for electrical injury induced cardiogenic shock support: a case report

 Day 1 of admissionAfter 2 days on ECMO1 day after ECMO decannulationARDS and referral day
WBC (uL/1000)36.6181925
HEMOGLOBIN (g/dl)18109.99.6
PLATELETS (uL/1000)343167150950
LDH (U/L)13151650950950
CPK (U/L)825018000100002800
AST (U/L)1200450450270
ALT (U/L)425150150130
LACTATE (mmol/l)