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Table 4 Pre- and intraoperative variables with univariate association to 30-d-mortality (p-values ≤0.10) and interaction between sex and risk factors (logistic regression analysis, p-values)

From: Sex-specific risk factors for early mortality and survival after surgery of acute aortic dissection type a: a retrospective observational study

VariableAll Patients (n = 368)Male (n = 242)Female (n = 126)Sex-specific Interaction
Total cases368242126
Female gender0.545   
Age, years0.1000.9710.0260.123
Logistic EuroSCORE I (%)< 0.0010.003< 0.0010.599
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation 48 h preoperative< 0.001< 0.001< 0.0010.226
Cardiogenic shock 0.037 0.266
Intubated< 0.0010.0010.0040.821
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease  0.0180.059
Arterial hypertension0.0100.004 0.198
Peripheral arterial disease  0.0190.083
Coronary heart disease< 0.001 < 0.0010.009
Previous percutaneous coronary intervention0.007 < 0.0010.005
Previous cardiac surgery0.005 0.0060.999
Diabetes mellitus type II0.059  0.928
Hyperlipoproteinemia  0.0090.005
Creatinine (μmol/l) preoperativea0.0070.0010.0510.334
Chronic renal insufficiency  0.0390.017
Ascending aorta prostheses (mm)0.088  0.434
Length of surgery (min)0.0010.0060.0600.231
Cardiopulmonary bypass time (min)< 0.0010.0010.0340.855
Surgical procedure
 Additional coronary artery bypass graft< 0.0010.0180.0030.508
Partial arch replacement0.0610.036 0.232
TEVAR/EVAR 0.050 0.998
Number of RBC, (U)< 0.0010.0080.0010.658
Number of platelets, (U)< 0.0010.0480.0010.198
  1. TEVAR/EVAR, (thoracic) endovascular aortic repair, RBC Red blood cell concentrate (unit)
  2. a19% missing values; italic text, inverse association; bold text, p-values ≤0.05