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Table 3 Operative characteristics of the patients

From: Simplified, minimally invasive, beating-heart technique for redo isolated tricuspid valve surgery

VariableAll patients (n = 32)
Functional TR25 (78.1%)
Mechanical valve dysfunction1 (3.1%)
Biological valve failure1 (3.1%)
Etiology (previous TVRep)5 (15.6%)
CPB time (min)81.5 ± 29.0
TVRep2 (6.2%)
TVR30 (93.8%)
Conversion to sternotomy0
Transfused RBC (units)0.5 ± 1.3
Transfused Serum (ml)125.0 ± 236.9
  1. TR tricuspid regurgitation, CPB, cardiopulmonary bypass, TVR tricuspid valve replacement, TVRep tricuspid valve repair, RBC red blood cell