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Table 4 Postoperative outcomes of the patients

From: Simplified, minimally invasive, beating-heart technique for redo isolated tricuspid valve surgery

VariableAll patients (n = 32)
Duration of ICU stay(d)4.1 ± 2.8
Duration of hospital stay(d)13.6 ± 7.6
Prolonged ventilation(n)6 (18.8%)
Reoperation for bleeding0
Postoperative neurologic event1 (3.1%)
New-onset renal insufficiency requiring dialysis3 (9.4%)
Wound infection1 (3.1%)
In-hospital mortality1 (3.1%)
30-d mortality1 (3.1%)
Permanent III atrioventricular block1 (3.1%)
  1. ICU intensive care unit