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Table 3 Correlation coefficient between calculated diameter and the prosthetic size

From: Mitral prosthetic size predictor in minimally invasive mitral valve replacement

Calculated mitral annulus diametersAll patientsMechanical valveTissue valve
Mean TTE diameter (PLAX diameter and A4C diameter)0.7020.6830.744
Lowest plane on CT scan (passed through the trigones)
 Mean diameter0.6790.6290.756
 Perimeter-derived diameter0.6500.6280.683
 Area-derived diameter0.6630.6390.695
Highest plane on CT Scan (passed through midpoints of the anterior and posterior annuli)
 Mean diameter0.5870.5220.682
 Perimeter-derived diameter0.6220.5750.704
 Area-derived diameter0.6650.6220.730