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Table 1 Previous case reports of AVR or TAVI for WS patients

From: Aortic valve replacement with annular patch enlargement for a patient with Werner’s syndrome and severe aortic stenosis

Author Year Age・Sex Operation Additional operation Prosthetic valve End point
Carrel T, et al. [2] 1994 66・Male AVR MVP, CABG× 1, Aortic root enlargement Homograft Home
Grubitzsch H, et al. [3] 2000 18・Female AVR MVR Mechanical Rehabilitation
Sogawa M, et al. [4] 2001 41・Male AVR Annular bougie Mechanical (19 mm) Home
Ashida T, et al. [5] 2005 29・Female AVR MVR (Biological・25 mm) Biological (19 mm) Home
Masada K, et al. [6] 2017 51・Male TAVI   CoreValve (29 mm) Home
Current case 2019 55・Female AVR Annular patch enlargement Mechanical (18 mm) Rehabilitation
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