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Table 2 Surgical and postoperative factors

From: Outcomes of surgical resection for pulmonary metastasis from ovarian cancer

Pt Preoperative chemotherapy Surgical approach Type of resection Lymph node dissection Postoperative chemotherapy Recurrence (time after PM/ site) Outcome
1 no open segmentectomy none yes no 5mo NED
2 yes open wide wedge resection none no 13mo/ liver, adrenal grand, peritoneum 61mo AWD
3 no VATS lobectomy mediastinal no no 61mo NED
4 no VATS wide wedge resection sampling yes 17mo/ mediastinal LN 50mo AWD
5 no VATS wide wedge resection none yes 1mo/ liver 2mo DOD
6 no open segmentectomy none yes 31mo/ local relapse of the primary tumor 38mo AWD
  1. AWD alive with disease, DOD died of disease, LN lymph node, NED no evidence of disease, VATS video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery