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Table 1 The indications, limitations and alternatives of the LAx-PF bypass

From: Case report: lateral axillary-profunda femoris artery bypass for acute lower limb ischemia due to thrombosis after bilateral axillofemoral bypass




Leriche syndrome;


Necessary to establish ananatomical bypass, but not suitable for the axillofemoral bypass or femorofemoral bypass;

The subclavian artery to the distal axillary artery must be free from definite stenosis or occlusion;

The more proximal inflow, such as the proximal segment axillary artery, the subclavian artery, or the aorta.

Abdominal aortic aneurysms;

Abdominal aortic graft infection;

Axillofemoral bypass or femorofemoral bypass failure

The profunda artery is well compensated, as determined by symptoms, signs, or ABI;

Establish other outflow, such as reestablished superficial femoral artery, additional femoral popliteal bypass or axillopopliteal bypass.