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Table 2 Outcomes of bilateral localization at hybrid room

From: Bilateral lung nodules resection by image-guided video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery: a case series

Case OP method Pathology LoS (day) Length of chest tube removal (day) Complication
1 RLL: wedge, LLL: wedge RLL,LLL: SCC, metastasis 10 R: 8, L: 3 Right hydrothorax
2 RUL: wedge, LLL: wedge RUL: AIS, LLL: inflammation 3 R: 1, L: 2 None
3 RUL: wedge, LLL: segmentectomy RUL,LLL: AC, metastasis 6 R: 4, L: 5 None
4 RLL: wedge, LLL: segmentectomy RLL,LLL: AC, metastasis 6 R: 3, L: 5 None
5 RUL, RLL, LLL: wedge RUL,RLL, LLL: HCC, metastasis 4 R: 2, L: 3 None
6 RML: wedge, LUL: segmentectomy RML: inflammation, LUL: HCC,metastasis 4 R: 1, L: 2 None
7 RLL: wedge, LUL: wedge RLL,LUL: AC, metastasis 5 R: 2, L: 4 None
  1. LoS length of hospital stay, RUL right upper lobe, RML right middle lobe, RLL right lower lobe, LUL left upper lobe, LLL left lower lobe, SqCC Squamous cell carcinoma, AIS adenocarcinoma in situ, AC adenocarcinoma, HCC hepatocellular carcinoma