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Table 3 Operative details/postoperative course

From: Echocardiographic guided, transatrial closure of a patent foramen ovale

Patient Nr. Operational procedure Diameter of PFO Max. catecholamines complications Hospital length of stay
1 CABG (LIMA-LAD, RA (as T-graft) to PLA1-PLA2; PFO closure 0.21 cm No postoperative catecholamines none 10 days
2 LIMA-LAD as redo CABG; PFO closure 0.22 cm max. 0.147 μg/kg/min Norepinephrine max. 1.83 μg/kg/min Dobutamine postoperative delir and asthma 12 days
3 CABG (LIMA-LAD, ACVB-PLA-RIVP); PFO closure 0.32 cm No postoperative catecholamines Postoperative DDD pacemaker implantation 13 days
4 AVR, LIMA-LAD; PFO closure 0.42 cm No postoperative catecholamines none 12 days
5 AVR, PFO closure 0.32 cm Max. 0.127 μg/kg/min norepinephrine none 17 days
6 AVR, CABG (LIMA-LAD, ACVB-PLA-RIVP, PFO closure n.a. cm Max. 0.152 μg/kg/min norepinephrine none Postoperative re-sternotomy due to bleeding 14 days
7 AVR, PFO closure 0.22 cm max. 0.157 μg/kg/min Norepinephrine max. 7.37 μg/kg/min Dobutamine none 17 days
8 CABG RA (as T-graft) to PLA1-RIVP; PFO closure 0.24 cm No postoperative catecholamines none 8 days
9 CABG (LIMA-LAD, RA (as T-graft) to PLA1 OPCAB, PFO closure 0.25 cm max. 0.167 μg/kg/min Norepinephrine none 7 days
  1. Operative details of patients, including the postoperative course (CABG: Coronary artery bypass grafting, RA radial artery, LAD left anterior descending, PLA posterolateral branch, OPCAB Off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting, AVR aortic valve replacement)