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Table 2 The numbers of patients with the various combinations of branching patterns of the pulmonary arteries and veins according to Yamashita’s classification [18]

From: Anatomical analysis of the left upper lobe of lung on three-dimensional images with focusing the branching pattern of the subsegmental veins

  Pulmonary vein type  
Apical vein dominant type Intermediate type Central vein dominant type
Pulmonary arteries Total
IL-type 51 (49.5%) a,* 15 (14.6%) b,* 0 b,* 66 (64.1%)
M-type 18 (17.5%) b,* 16 (15.5%) a,* 3 (2.9%) a,* 37 (35.9%)
Total 69 (67.0%) 31 (30.1%) 3 (2.9%) 103 (100%)
  1. The veinous branching patterns were sorted three type; apical vein dominant, intermediate, and central vein dominant types. The letter “AV” means apical vein, “CV” central vein and “LV” lingular vein. M- and IL-types indicate LUL having lingular pulmonary artery all or partly from pars mediastinalis, and lingular pulmonary artery all from pars inter lobaris, respectively. The numbers having superscripts “a” and “b” are significantly higher and lower than the theoretical numbers, respectively. *, p < 0.05 (Chi-square test)