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Table 4 The items retained in 13-item version of STAI

From: How we assess the perioperative anxiety of surgical patients with pulmonary nodules: the revision of state-trait anxiety inventory

Below are some of the statements that people often use to describe themselves. Read each statement and tick the appropriate circle on the right to indicate your most appropriate feeling at the moment. There is no right or wrong answer. Don’t spend too much time thinking about any statement, but the answer should be your most appropriate feeling now.
  Here’s how you feel at the moment. Not at all Somewhat Moderately so Very much so
05 I feel at ease*
10 I feel comfortable*
15 I am relaxed*
16 I feel content*
19 I feel steady*
20 I feel pleasant*
  Here’s how you feel often. Not at all Somewhat Moderately so Very much so
21 I feel pleasant*
23 I feel satisfied with myself*
26 I feel rested*
27 I am ‘calm, cool and collected’*
30 I am happy*
33 I feel secure*
36 I am content*
  1. Reverse counting items are shown with *