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Table 1 Procedures performed and echocardiographic data

From: Trapezoidal resection of an elongated anterior mitral leaflet and Alfieri stitch in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

  Age Sex Diagnosis and echocardiographic findings Preoperative measures Procedures performed Latest echocardiography findings
Maximum thickness in septum (mm) MR PG (mmHg) AML resection and Alfieri PM relocation Septal myectomy MR PG (mmHg) Postoperative period
1 76 F HOCM MR SAM 17 severe 127 Yes Yes Yes trace 14 2.5 years
2 82 F HOCM MR SAM 22 severe 102 Yes Yes Yes trace 9 1.5 years
3 82 F HOCM MR SAM 20 severe 93 Yes Yes Yes mild 13 4 months
4 85 F HOCM MR SAM 22 severe 175 Yes Yes Yes trace 53 (at mid-ventricle) 1 month
5 76 F SAM after mitral valve repair 20 severe Yes No No mild 29 3 months
  1. AML Anterior mitral leaflet, HOCM Hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy, MR Mitral regurgitation, PG Pressure gradient, PM Papillary muscle, SAM Systolic anterior motion