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Table 3 Risk factors for postoperative differences stage acute kidney injury after repair of acute Type A aortic dissection in the multivariate-adjusted model a (n = 660)

From: Impact of autologous platelet rich plasma use on postoperative acute kidney injury in type A acute aortic dissection repair: a retrospective cohort analysis

Variables Post-AKI
OR 95% (CI) P Value
aPRP 1.729 1.225–2.440 0.002
postoperative serum creatine (umol/L) 1.010 1.006–1.014 < 0.001
Postoperative LAC (mmol/L) 1.104 1.047–1.164 < 0.001
  1. OR odds ratio, CI confidence interval
  2. a adjusted for male, age, BMI, Intravenous crystalloid, Blood product transfused, Duration of surgery, and History of smoking