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Table 2 The risk of bias table in this study

From: Bioresorbable vascular stents and drug-eluting stents in treatment of coronary heart disease: a meta-analysis

Random sequence generationlownothighnotlowlowhighhighlowhigh
Allocation concealmentlowlowhighhighhighhighlowlowlowhigh
Blinding of participants and personnelhighhighhighhighhighhighhighhighhighhigh
Blinding of outcome assessmentnotlowhighhighlowlowlowlownothigh
Incomplete outcome datanotlowhighlownotnotlowlowlowhigh
Selective reportinghighhighhighnotlowlowlownotlowhigh
Other biasnotlowhighnotlowlownotnotlowhigh
  1. Note: in this table, “low” stands for “low risk”, “high” stands for “high risk”, “not” stands for “not clear”