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Table 1 Preoperative characteristics

From: A modified axillo-femoral perfusion for acute type a aortic dissection accompanied with lower limb malperfusion

Patients (n)30
Age (y)
 Mean ± SD (range)48.2 ± 6.5 (21–75)
Gender (n)
 Male / Female25 / 5
Hypertension (n)23
Diabetes (n)4
Chronic renal dysfunction (n)1
Cardiac tamponade (n)5
Acute left heart failure (n)1
Acute renal dysfunction (n)4
Cerebral infarction (n)1
Moderate or severe aortic valve regurgitation (n)6
Mechanisms of the obstruction (n)
 True lumen compressed by the false lumen24
 Branch vessels obstructed by the intimal flap4
Interval time between the onset of lower limbs ischemia and operation (h)
 Mean ± SD (Range)5.1 ± 1.9 (3.1–10.0)