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Fig. 3

From: Application of a new blood flow regulator in aortic endovascular therapy

Fig. 3

CT image of patients before and after TEVAR surgery with new blood flow regulators. a) Preoperative image of aortic arch branches showed the aortic dissection of a patient involving the beginning of the left subclavian artery (left panel). The centre image demonstrates the coverage of the stent graft 3 months after TEVAR, and the 12-month scan shows continuous blood flow in the aortic arch branches. b) The imaging of the aortic arch before surgery showed aortic dissection involving the anterior aortic arch wall (left panel). CT images 3 and 12 months after TEVAR surgery showed that aortic dissection was resected and corrected. c) The scan for pulmonary artery bifurcation before and after TEVAR

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