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Table 1 Preoperative Characteristics of the 10 patients

From: Biventricular surgical repair of “Swiss Cheese” ventricular septal defects with two-patch and right ventricle apex excluding technique: preliminary experience and clinical results

Gender(F/M) 7/3
Age (Mo), median (range) 5 (2–13)
Weight (Kg) 4.5 (3.7–7.0)
Associated cardiac lesions
 Tetralogy of Fallot 1
 Double-outlet right ventricle 1
 Coarctation of the Aorta 1
 Perimembranous VSD 2
 Atrial septal defect 3
 Patent ductus arteriosis 1
Cardio-thoracic ratio 0.64 (0.58–0.72)
 iLBBB 1
Previous cardiac interventions
 Main pulmonary artery banding 1
  1. ECG electrocardiogram, iRBBB incomplete right bundle branch block, cRBBB complete or complete right bundle branch block, iLBBB incomplete left bundle branch block