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Table 1 Surgical cases of diaphragmatic hernia associated with paramenstrual pneumothorax reported in the literature

From: Catamenial pneumothorax with partial liver herniation due to diaphragmatic laceration: a case report and literature review

Reference Age Diagnisis Symptoms bulla Size of defect (cm) Herniation Pathology Surgical treatment Medical treatment Outcome
Bobbio et al. 2007 [5] 35 Right recurrent pneumothorax Dysmenorrhoea No 4 Liver Primary closure; pleurodesis
Bostoen et al. 2011 [6] 37 Pneumothorax Left iliac fossa pain Liver Plication; pleurodesis
Sanna et al. 2011 [7] 38 Right recurrent pneumothorax Not mentioned (“Multiple defects”) Liver Plication; pleurodesis No recurrence at 4 months
Tomescot et al. 2012 [8] 45 Right recurrent pneumothorax Not mentioned (“Multiple defects”) Liver No endometriosis Patch repair No recurrence at 18 months
Visouli AN et al. 2012 [2] 38 Right pneumothorax Not mentioned (“Multiple defects”) Liver Patch repair Ovarian suppression treatment Well and asymptomatic upon follow-up
Yu & Sihoe 2015 [9] 44 Right pneumothorax Yes 10 Liver Endometriosis Mesh repair; pleurodesis Ovarian suppression treatment No recurrence at 15 months
Ashwad et al. 2016 [10] 39 Right pneumothorax Chest pain Not mentioned Liver Endometriosis Primary closure talc pleurodesis
Demetrio et al. 2018 [11] 42 Right recurrent pneumothorax Chest pain No Liver Endometriosis Primary closure; No recurrence at 5 months
Mukku VK et al. 2019 [12] 40 Right pneumothorax Chest tightness No 3.3 Liver Endometriosis Mechanical pleurodesis, Primary closure No recurrence at 2 months
Current case 43 Right pneumothorax Chest pain No 1 Liver Endometriosis Primary closure
Absorbent tissue reinforcement and fibrin sealant
Ovarian suppression treatment No recurrence at 28 months