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Table 2 List and targets/pathways of lncRNAs in myocardial I/R injury

From: Non-coding RNAs modulate autophagy in myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury: a systematic review

lncRNA Change in expression Downstream targets/pathways Study
MALAT1 upregulation a MALAT1/miR-204/LC3-II signaling axis to regulate autophagy [70, 71]
TUG1 upregulation increase of percent of cells containing LC3+ AVs, and the expression of LC3-I, LC3-II, Beclin-1 and p62 [54]
PVT1 upregulation increase of expression levels of LC3-II and Beclin-1, the decrease of expression of p62 and the accumulation of autophagic vacuoles [72]
CAIF downregulation inhibition cardiac autophagy via a CAIF-p53-myocardin signaling axis [73]
Neat1 upregulation promoting myocardial autophagy via upregulation of Foxo1 [74, 79]
APF upregulation modulating autophagy via APF/miR-188-3p/ATG7 signaling axis [75]
Dancr downregulation increase of the level of Beclin 1 and LC3II/I ratio, and the decrease of the expression of p62 [76]
TTTY15 upregulation inhibition of autophagythrough targeting miR-374a-5p [77]
HRIM upregulation reduction of autophagy [78]
AK088388 upregulation increase of Beclin-1, and LC3-II expression [80]
RMRP upregulation a RMPR/miR-206/ATG3 axis involved in autophagy via activation of PI3K/Akt/mTOR pathway [81]
FOXD3-AS1 upregulation increase of level of LC3 II, Beclin1, ATG5, and reduced the expression of p62, mediated by NF-κB/iNOS/COX2 axis [82]
AK139328 upregulation increase of the level of LC3-I/LC3-II, ATG5, ATG7 and p62 [83]
UCA1 upregulation reduction of cell autophage [84]