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Table 4 The registered trials of vein-first versus artery-first ligation in lung cancer surgery

From: Vein-first versus artery-first ligation procedure for lung cancer surgery: An updated review

Identifier Year Neoadjuvant chemotherapy or radiotherapy Staging Surgical procedure Study design Estimated enrollment Major outcomes Status Country
NCT00341380 2006 Not mentioned Stage I ~ II Resection of non-small cell lung tumor Prospective cohort study 41 Postoperative metastases/recurrence Completed America
NCT03645252 (CTC-01) 2018 None cT1 ~ 3N0M0 Lobectomy/bi-lobectomy Randomized pilot study 30 The change of CTC in pulmonary vein; DFS; OS Not yet recruiting Canada
NCT03436329 2018 None Stage I–IV eligible for surgery Lobectomy Multi-centre randomized controlled trial 60 CTC level before cutting the skin and after closing the chest; 3-year PFS; complications Not yet recruiting China
ChiCTR1800016879 2018 None cT1a-2aN0M0 Lobectomy Non-randomized cohort study 60 The change of CTC level Recruiting China
  1. CTC, circulating tumor cell; PFS, progression-free survival; DFS, disease-free survival; OS, overall survival