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Table 4 Comparison between ECMO and CPB

From: Central, peripheral ECMO or CPB? Comparsion between circulatory support methods used during lung transplantation

Pump Centrifugal Roller
Heparinization 50–100 units/kg 200–300 units/kg
Circuit type Opened Closed
Maximal possible time of circulation Weeks (Veno-venous, as a bridge to LuTx or post LuTx) Hours
Ischemia of lower limbs Common (peripheral ECMO) Rare
Bleeding complications Less frequent More frequent
Primary graft dysfunction (PGD) Less often More often
Activated clotting time (ACT) necessary 150–170 s > 400 s
Reservoir Absent Present
Open air contact Absent Present
  1. LuTx Lung transplantation