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Table 1 Summary of two case reports about pulmonary LELC accompanied with PNPS

From: Polymyositis as a paraneoplastic syndrome of a patient with primary pulmonary lymphoepithelioma-like carcinoma: a case report and literature review

Source Age (y) Gender TS (cm) Location LNM DM EBER Surgery CT RT PNPS PI
Zhu et al. 49 M 3.1 × 3.5/ LLL No No + Yes No No HOPA UK
    1.8 × 2.0          
Liu et al. 46 F UK RML UK UK + No Yes Yes EED Yes
  1. M, male; F, female; TS, tumor size; LLL, Left lower lobe; RML, Right middle lobe; LNM, lymph node metastasis; DM, distant metastasis; CT, chemotherapy; RT, radiotherapy; + , positive; PI, PNPS improvement; UK, unknown