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Table 1 Specialties of the 45 interviewees

From: The involvement and autonomy of young children undergoing elective paediatric cardiac surgery: a qualitative study

Specialty Numbers of interviewees in each specialty. Some have two or three present or previous roles
Anaesthetists 5
Cardiologists 10
Chaplains 4
Children’s heart charities support and information services 5
Ethics committee members 8
Intensivists 2
Lawyers 3
Mediator 1
Members of hospital directorates 5
Nurses 6
Paediatricians (not cardiologists or anaesthetists) 6
Palliative care (paediatric) 1
Patient care coordinator 1
Play specialists 2
Psychologists 4
Psychiatrist and psychoanalyst 1
Senior lecturer in nursing 1
Senior Operating Department Practitioner 1
Social worker for heart transplant families 1
Surgeons 3